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-2 - +2 C

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-3 - -7 C

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Бархатный сезон в Праге

С приходом золотой осени Прага становится еще красивее и уютнее. А цены на проживание в пражских отелях и пенсионах в «бархатный сезон» снижаются по сравнению с летом на 50 % !

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Acquintance with Prague

Acquintance with Prague

Acquintance with golden Prague. You ll see the Wenceslas square, Powder Gate, Old Town square with astronomical clocks, Charle s bridge, Lesser town, Hrancany with the Prague Castle

length: 4 hours
price of excursion: 40 Euro

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

Excursion to the Hradcany with Prague Castle. You ll see St. Vittus cathedral, Old King s palace, Golden street with Daliborka tower, Prague s Loreta...

length: 3 hours
40 Euro
Konopiste and Karlstejn castles

Konopiste and Karlstejn castles

The most famous Czech castles - Konopiste, the residence of Franz Ferdinand dEste, killed in Saraevo in 1914, and Karlstejn, built by the Holy Roman Empire ruler and Czech king Charles IV in XIV century

length: 8 hours
80 Euro
Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary

Excursion to Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), world-known spa town, there a lot of european writers, artists and politicians spent - and some are still spending - their holidays

length: 8 hours
90 Euro
Hluboka Castle and Cesky Krumlov

Hluboka Castle and Cesky Krumlov

You ll visit the Hluboka castle, rebuilt in XIX century after Windsor palace, and old town Cesky Krumlov in the Southern Bohemia

length: 12 hours
120 Euro